KD Secure

KD Secure has developed an array of products which enhance an organization’s safety, security, productivity and profitability in a variety of different markets. Through the use of KD Secure’s patented core technology, data from a plethora of sources is collected and analyzed, and alerts sent to the appropriate people to warn of potentially dangerous or unwanted situations.

Oakland County Police Workshop

Horse Colic Demo Video


The Watchman

The invention utilizes advances in RFID technology to ensure accountability. The inspection tool scans RFID tags on the crane at which point a GPS location and timestamps are generated making fake reports impossible. Jeff’s vast experience in the industry has lead to the inclusion of many other features and functions. Today the inspection tool is known as The Watchman. And Jeff and rest of the team are now known as The Watchman Solutions Group.


Sentient 7

Advances in our area of practice, such as the rise of smart and intelligent technologies, have allowed us to consider the various applications of video surveillance beyond security. More importantly, these advances served to illustrate that our solutions provide our clients with more than just surveillance they provide situational awareness. It logically followed that our focus needs to be on providing situational awareness a focus which includes intelligent security and surveillance but also contemplates the many other applications for enterprise and industry.