Our History

APV was founded in 2006 by Dan Hussain and Steve Malliaris, two entrepreneurial MIT engineers with the vision to help fellow inventors turn their ideas into successful ventures. In their years leading APV, the company has grown into a solid team of engineers, business developers and strategic partnerships across multiple industries worldwide. They recruited Vincent DeVito (a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy) and Charlie Kim (experienced CFO) to the senior management team to take the company to the next level. Since then we have grown into a company best suited for helping start-ups and inventions grow into entities that will define the future.

Strategic Partner

American Patent Agency is an intellectual property firm that has worked with independent inventors, academic institutions as well as public and private companies. So far our experienced team of skilled patent agents has helped create the intellectual property foundation for inventors and companies in a broad range of industries. At American Patent Agency, we seek to make the process of patenting one’s IP as simple and efficient as possible.

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Start-Up Companies

American Pioneer Ventures (APV) is dedicated to helping early-stage startups and entrepreneurs achieve important milestones on the road to successful fund raising, within the constraints normally affecting such companies. Not only do we donate and participate in competitions such as MassChallenge in Boston, and Motor City Challenge in Detroit, our management, networking and consulting services, strategic partnerships, and extensive list of advisors can help your start-up grow into a successful company. If it's your dream, then get ready for it.

Project Development

The team at American Pioneer Ventures has the resources needed to develop certain aspects of your company, project, start-up, or invention. Our long list of experienced advisors can provide consulting for numerous technologies.